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How-to win over life blindness.

Lack of experience blinds our knowledge of the world. It is limiting ourselfs to the constant standard, *be happy* about the word-of-mouth and maybe an ego-"eccentric" mentality that limit our reciprocal understanting. And then? Just look around yourself there are planty of traditions, dialects, countryside or forests, race and cultures, industries that differ from your standard. Understanding is the key.

How-to avoid Covid propagation at home.

This is the never exaustive list that we learn from our Covid experience: use of the mask; windows opened; door closed for the infected person; guest bathroom for the infected one; different towels; lunch, first the sanes; infected person isolated and at distance.

How-to save my internet bookmarks in a useful way.

Opera web browser offers the speed-dial home screen that collects your bookmarks resembling the desktop behavior with icons and organizing them by folders too.
How-to have a website live on Internet.

As first you have to own a domain, it is a convinient choice because there are some cheap providers around. Secondly you need to by the hosting, the server space for it, that you can find in different shape

How-to choose the killer brand name.

Today choosing a domain not only means go over Internet but often means to challange yourself selecting the killer brand name
How-to drink fresh milk.

Bottled fresh milk is generally boiled multiple times to "pastorize" it. In this condition additionally boiling it you can impact its nutritional qualities
How-to to finalize pasta cooking.

Cooked in the pot move the hot pasta into the colander and wash under the water to move residuals and bacteria formed during cooking
How-to to sleep, any bad position?

Avoid to squeeze your body, legs over the stomac or, sitting, breaking onto external objects like chair arms. In both modes you risk to demage your intestine
How-to find an opensource email reader for Android.

FairMail https://email.faircode.eu
How-to be happy about your carot skinner.

The handle must be 13 to 15cm long
How-to eat the kiwi in clean mode.

Hand the kiwi horizzontaly, cut it in half, eat each half by a spoon

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